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Ascending to the peak of one’s career is not an easy task, some more in the political landscape on a foreign soil. That’s how Penny Wong, an Australian politician of Malaysian origin, made her mark in an illustrious career path. Currently, she is the Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs and a member of the Parliamentary […]

Kitson Migration has been helping people of all races across Malaysia to migrate to Australia, the preferred migratory destination of citizens who wished to lead a better life on foreign soil. Dating back a little bit to history, the land of the kangaroo had been a favourable destination for Malaysian immigrants after the Immigration Restriction […]

  General skilled migration is a type of visa that can help professionals to migrate to Australia. Those who wish to migrate will need to sit for Australia’s skilled migration program which is a points-based system designed to attract highly qualified and experienced professionals to best meet Australia’s skills needs. Without a doubt, those who […]

Rich people tend to move to countries that could meet all their expectations in life. And this has been proved to be true in the case of Australia. The number of millionaires streaming into Australia has surged to an astonishing 7260 in the past year, aptly strengthen Australia’s economy with a mouth-watering multibillion-dollar investment boost […]

  Starting up a small business is not difficult, but ensuring the business attains success is dependant on a lot of factors. If your business is within a booming industry, chances are, you will make your mark.   Here we shall look into an interesting piece of information released by the Australian Invoicing business regarding the […]

There’s always a chapter in everyone’s life which makes an impact in a place which is foreign to us, challenging us to our core and get rewarded in a most surprising way. Literally, it takes more than just a piece of courage to complete all the obstacles. More than 25 years ago on the outskirts […]

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