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Australia has been bugged by the immigration issue all the time but recently the issue has almost gone out of hand. How many and whom? Australia is – again – seized by a debate about migration to this country, its size, shape and character. From the post-war creation of an immigration department and the public […]

It’s always the topic feverishly talked about by everyone, especially in the parliament. In the recent incident that shed light on ‘absurd’ comments by our ex-Prime  Minister Tony Abbott, four senior figures in the Turnbull government have rejected his calls to cut immigration to ease pressure on infrastructure and wages, increase housing affordability and reduce […]

Immigration SA is pleased to announce will be implementing new nomination requirements for South Australia’s Significant Investor (SIV) program, aimed at making South Australia a more attractive destination for your clients to invest, live, and have their children educated. Immigration South Australia is now accepting nomination applications for subclass 188c nomination applications that satisfy the […]

Live in Victoria have provided the following new property development criteria for Subclass 132 visas has been introduced and applies to all proposed business activities that relate to property development. The applicant must have relevant qualifications and experience (for example, architecture, engineering or construction management). Extensive relevant experience may substitute a qualification – this will […]

Changes were made to the Investor 2 policy on 22 May 2017 to put in place incentives for applicants to invest more of their funds in growth investments. Before 22 May Minimum investment amount: $1.5m Settlement funds: $1m Time required to be spent in New Zealand after the grant of a visa: 40% of each of final […]

Immigration SA is pleased to announce the piloting of new nomination requirements, aimed at making the option of property development more attractive to applicants choosing South Australia as a destination to live, invest, and have their children educated. Immigration South Australia is now accepting business plans for subclasses 188a (Business Innovation) and 132 (Business Talent) […]

VAC increase for all visas  (MIA Notice 26: 9 May 2017) All current VACs will be indexed annually in line with the forecast Consumer Price Index and rounded to the nearest $5 Indexation applies only to the 1st instalment component of the VAC, for both primary and secondary applicants Indexation does not apply to 2nd instalment VACs VAC […]