With more than 300,000 international students studying in Australia every year, the variety of courses you can choose to study there is staggering. Australia has no doubt some of the best Universities in the world. With the option to stay back and migrate there, international students are constantly looking for the best courses to get jobs in Australia.

To give you an edge at securing a job, here are the best courses to study in Australia according to the latest changes made to the Skill Occupation List by the Australian Government.



Accountancy and Professional Accounting are jobs that every company requires. If you love crunching numbers, then accountancy courses will definitely land you a job.

2. Actuarial Science

Don’t think that actuarial science is only used in insurance and pension plans, it is also applicable in fields like investment banking, financial services and also risk assessments in businesses

3. Agricultural Science

Agriculture is the heart of the nation. With an ever-growing population, agriculture is now more important than ever. The fact that occupations in this field are listed on the Skilled Occupations list, means that you are more likely to get a job studying in this field.

4. Architecture

A country’s growth is dependant on their infrastructure. To meet the growing demands of businesses and the public alike, there is a big demand for Architecture jobs in Australia.

5. Biomedical Engineering

Being listed in the Skilled Occupations List, Biomedical Engineering is greatly in demand as a technical expert for clinical problems.

6. Engineering

Engineers find themselves mostly welcomed in Australia due to its rapid development. They are one of the occupations that are needed in various technical fields that contribute to the country’s growth.


7. Earth Sciences

Australia is a land rich with resources, in order to fully utilize the resources around them a thorough understanding of geological sciences is needed to make full use of these resources.

8. IT and Computer Sciences

As one of the highest earning professions in Australia, IT and computer sciences are constantly in need for Australia to compete in the competitive tech market.

9. Psychology

Psychologists and related studies are listed in the Skilled Occupations List. Chances are these courses will not only land you a job, but also a PR in Australia.

10. Tourism and Hospitality Management

Australia’s tourism market is growing year by year. Being one of the most popular travel destinations in the world, the demand for skilled workers in this field is constantly increasing. Hence why occupations in this field are also listed in the SOL.

11. Business Management and Business Analytics

More and more management degree holders are being demanded as the competitiveness in the market gets stronger with the year. Demands for experts in this field is constantly high.

12. Medicine

The need for healthcare is on the rise in Australia. More and more medical professionals are needed in Australia every year. If you study medicine, you are almost guaranteed a job here.


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