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30Jul 2018

  Starting up a small business is not difficult, but ensuring the business attains success is dependant on a lot of factors. If your business is within a booming industry, chances are, you will make your mark.   Here we shall look into an interesting piece of information released by the Australian Invoicing business regarding the […]

30Jul 2018

There’s always a chapter in everyone’s life which makes an impact in a place which is foreign to us, challenging us to our core and get rewarded in a most surprising way. Literally, it takes more than just a piece of courage to complete all the obstacles. More than 25 years ago on the outskirts […]

09Jul 2018
Migrants should be proud of themselves_Kitson Migration

Migrants should be proud of themselves! Humans are equal, so do the abilities. In the NAPLAN results announced this year, the local government is caught off guard when the literacy achievement of primary school students who speak languages other than English is outperforming native English speakers in spelling in some states. The surprising success story […]

09Jul 2018
Family Visa Application_Kitson Migration

Processing time for family visa applications: 50 years Here’s a true life story of an Indian migrant Puneet Mittal who has been an Australian citizen and has always wanted his parents to live with his family in Australia. This is a typical scenario for migrants who have been establishing themselves well in foreign soil and […]

18Jun 2018
Australia Migration_Kitson Migration Malaysia

Australia has always been one of the countries who have the highest rate of immigration. Excellent education, abundant business opportunities, safe and secure environment, work-life balance, every advantage you name it, all converge to bring the status of Australians to a higher level among the world’s population.   However, the landscape of migration has started […]

18Jun 2018

We’ve come to know several occasions where immigrants in a particular country have nailed considerable achievements. The stories unveiled are usually inspiring and motivating. Well, here’s a special one from Australia where a Malaysian descent shows the world his quality in teaching to the extent of being recognized with 2018 New South Wales (NSW) Local […]

30May 2018

As we near the end of the current financial year, there have been a number of changes made and announced for the state sponsorship programs around Australia. Here’s a quick update: SA: South Australia recently announced changes to their Skilled Migration program. From 28 May 2018, graduates who wish to access the work experience waiver […]

15May 2018

When Joey Wong arrived in Canberra, she couldn’t find a place to live for about six weeks, and staying in short-term accommodation was proving costly. “I thought, ‘How good would it be if I could find somewhere to stay for about two months while I find somewhere long-term?’” she said. That led the student, originally […]

08May 2018

The Department of Home Affairs has quietly announced some proposed changes to Citizenship application requirements, to be effective from 1 July 2018. These proposed changes include: RESIDENCE REQUIREMENT: Applicants will now have to have been a permanent resident in Australia for four years prior to submitting an application for Australian Citizenship, with no more than […]