We’ve come to know several occasions where immigrants in a particular country have nailed considerable achievements. The stories unveiled are usually inspiring and motivating. Well, here’s a special one from Australia where a Malaysian descent shows the world his quality in teaching to the extent of being recognized with 2018 New South Wales (NSW) Local Hero Award!


He is Eddie Woo, the son of a Malaysian couple who became a sensation in Australia thanks to his series of online mathematics tutorials for school children. The Sydney-based high school teacher was among four recipients of the province’s Australian of the Year awards, presented by its premier Gladys Berejiklian during a ceremony in the city. This has led us to think that in fact, Malaysian people are just as competitive and smart as their international counterparts!


Arguably Australia’s most famous mathematics teacher, Eddie Woo set out to make maths fun. As for his career background, he assumes the head mathematics teacher at Cherrybrook Technology High School, which is also the largest secondary school in New South Wales. So, what did Eddie do? He started online video posting in 2012 for a student who was sick with cancer and missing a lot of school lessons. He figured that if the video tutorials, Wootube, could help his student to learn from home, he could help other similar kids too. Before long, he was sharing the videos across the country and beyond. Currently, his “Wootube” videos have garnered more than six million views with a rapidly growing following that has reached about 104,000 subscribers so far.

Having three kids at home, the enthusiastic father designed a unique and caring approach to guide students on the seemingly mundane and technical subject. Besides, he does volunteer work too. He is a volunteer facilitator with the University of Sydney’s Widening Participation and Outreach program and has motivated more than 1,400 students from disadvantaged backgrounds. A brilliant student, Eddie could have chosen any field far more “monumental” but his passion for education is what that determines his path, and also the award. Through his creative method, he indeed deserves the accolade.

Having been interviewed by Australia’s ABC News, Woo revealed that his parents, who were born in Malaysia, had migrated in the 1970s, leaving their families and careers due to the limited education system and opportunities in Malaysia. They were persistent in their attitude and believe that mastering English would be the key to unlock the whole lots of opportunities on offer. And in the end, their efforts were rewarded accordingly.

Eddie is indeed a great example of how the Australian education helps in nurturing a small kid to a future leader that has unlimited potentials. There have been numerous other renown personalities who received their education in Australia and return to Malaysia as a proud leader and contributed until now.
They chose the path that is less taken. But they took their opportunities to create a better tomorrow. Congratulations to Eddie once again!