First is the good news for migrants who are residing in Australia and wish for their families to be reunited with them. The Federal Government has finally made public about the availability of applications for the temporary sponsored visa for parents in the first half of 2019. This is achieved when the Federal Parliament finally passed the legislation surrounding the visa. However, is it all roses for permanent residents who wish to bring their families to Australia and enjoy each other’s companion? Well, it is still questionable.


The critical factor towards achieving this so-called “milestone” is due to the passing of the Migration Amendments (Family Violence and Other Measures) that is crucial in securing the rollout of the new visa. It will definitely help in reuniting migrants with their families, which is great of course, but on the other hand, might burn the pocket of these migrants as well. Why? The new visa requires a fee of $5,000 for a 3-year tenure while a 5-year long visa requires $10,000. The visa could be renewed for another 5 years at the same price if applicants opt to choose the latter.


Practically, the new measures concerning visa migration are actually different from the previously promised version that includes serval conditions which are not listed in the previous version. One of the major differences is that the application of the visa will be limited to only one set of parents per household. On the surface, this stipulation seems harmless, but it may cause future social problems when applicants who are married in Australia will be having difficult times to choose either their own parents or their in-laws to come and stay with them. Moreover, the previous Turnbull government had actually pledged to sponsor the parent visa that could last up to five years! This is a far cry from the passed legislation that charges exorbitant visa fees currently. Besides that, another issue will be the case of the mandatory requirement for private health insurance provided by Australian companies. When the parents incur a healthcare debt, their sponsoring migrant children will be obliged to pay back the debt on top of the visa fees. Applicants will be having a hard time figuring the best option for them even though the long-awaited parent visa has been made available to apply now.


However, not all hope is lost for potential applicants. There is a much cheaper alternative for applicants where they could apply for a visitor visa for their parents that could allow them to stay up to 2 years in a period of 3 years. The cost of the visitor visas is only a small fraction of the new parent visa’s cost and the procedures of obtaining such visa are much easier too. Different from the parent visa, there is no mandatory requirement for private health insurance and this sounds better for migrants who are struggling to adapt to the life in Australia but wish to have their families by their side.


Depending on the capability of the applicant, both parent and visitor visas provide an advantage and disadvantage up to a certain point. There is no right pathway for the applicants to benefit from and it is up to their understanding of the available visas and how they could make use of the visas in the best possible way. If you are not sure of the overall pathway, we recommend you to engage the services of professional migration company so that you would not have to face all the stuff alone.


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