Finding a rental home can be a complicated, time consuming and expensive process. Most property rentals are unnecessarily complicated and downright costly to rent. What if I tell you that cheap, affordable and flexible home rentals exist?

In Australia, Airbnb dominates the short term home rental market. Tourists typically use Airbnb to rent properties anywhere between 1 day to a month at most. But this can be very pricy for renters seeking to stay for more than a month. Especially seeing as the renter population is steadily rising over the years. In 2016 30.9% of Australia’s population are renters compared 5 years prior where the number was only at 29.6%.

Real estate rental, however,  requires one to sign up for a year at minimum and repeat the same complicated process again in order to renew the tenancy. Besides that, rental agencies charge on average a profit margin of 16% for their services. Due to this, property owners need to either increase their rental fees in order to cover for this or accept lesser rental yield.




To cater to those looking to rent anywhere between 1 month or more, Rentality offers quick, simple and affordable rental for these particular group of renters. Rentality offers rental from anywhere between 1 month up to 9 months. Not only that, but they also offer to streamline the rental process to ensure fast response and approval of rent. The process is as simple are apply and pay. Expect an immediate response within 24 hours!

Rentality offers higher rental yield for property owner compared to real estate rental and Airbnb. Besides that, they also protect the property owners from being penalized by any vacancy tax or Airbnb strata laws. Because of this, it is a win-win situation for both property owner and renters.

The company regularly monitors every listing and have built security measures to ensure that only legitimate properties are listed. With this secured platform every listing, booking, and payment made is soundly ensured.

In collaboration with Kitson Migration Agency, Rentality also extends its services to those seeking to migrate to Australia. For further inquiries, you may reach out to Kitson Migration Agency for further clarification on this excellent service.