To Kitson, I would like to express my appreciation to Kathryn, Timothy and Moon for being helpful and friendly throughout the whole journey in obtaining my PR. Also, I am really sorry for being troublesome by enquiring frequently on the status of the visa application and information. Thanks for being patient all the time and I greatly appreciate that you all provided me superior service.

Leonard and Wife - (Visa subclass 190 Granted: 11th of September 2015)

Hi Moon and Kathryn, Thank you so much for the great news! And thank you so much for the efficiency of your whole team in handling my case. I had a chat with Angeline Han (Visa 189 granted on 2nd July 2015), and both of us agreed that you all done a wonderful job and we have zero complaints. I will definitely recommend Kitson should any of my friends or relatives are interested to get a PR because you all are efficient, reliable and friendly. Last but not least, thank you so much for entertaining my frequent phone calls.

Dr. Chin and family - (Visa subclass 189 Granted: 28th July 2015)

Migrating to Australia has been a long forgotten dream of ours since ten years back. Walking on the safe pedestrian walkway; clean parks everywhere within neighbourhoods, watching our children running freely in playground; long white beaches within short driving distance, good education system without having to worry sending our children to more tuition. All of these were only admirations until we met Kitson.

Scott Lim, Stella Lee and children - (Visa subclass 190 Granted: 6th July 2015)

We would like to express our sincere appreciation to Kitson Team, particularly Michael, Moon, Kathryn, and Timothy for their continuous support and advice during our application for the Australian PR. From the 1st day we attended the seminar till the day we received the good news, the team has always keep us posted with all the information & advice and follow-up with us on any mandatory documents to make sure the whole process is working smoothly and without any delay.

Mr. Tung & Family - (Visa Subclass 189 – Granted on July 3rd, 2015)

Finally receiving the congratulatory email on 5 May 2015, after anticipating it for a month or so was actually nerve wrecking but a very happy moment indeed! What started out as a thought process to migrate and being recommended by a good friend of mine to attend the seminar held by Kitson just over a year ago at Royal Bintang Damansara has cumulated to this!

MD Tan - (Visa subclass 189 Granted: 5th May 2015)

THANK YOU VERY MUCH! Especially for not giving-up on me thru the 3 years course. There are not after the money. Of course we still need to pay the fees on time :) I was lost in another immigration agent in KL. After the seminar forcing me to pay and discourage me to apply for tourist visa to Australia. Since I said, maybe I should visit first and see Australia myself before deciding to apply. When I switch to Kitson and spoke to Michael about my plans, he said by all means go and see.

Ms. Lorina - (Visa Subclass 190 Granted: 23rd February 2015)

I was delighted to learn that your outstanding efforts have been recognized in supporting my application and were certainly worthwhile. Kitson’s willingness to go above and beyond is unequivocally renowned and recommended to all of us and clearly the outcome of my application has spread! A big thank you to Kitson team especially Moon for all the dedicated and consistent exertions, continue to keep up the good work! Well done!

Mr. Van & family - (Visa subclass 189 Granted: 29th January 2015)

My family and I would like to thank Moon and the Kitson team for a smooth visa application process. I would also like to record special thanks to Mrs. Helen Duncan for her attention to our application and for her advice. I was impressed by how organized things were, the way the documents required were listed clearly up front, and by the ability to work around hiccups. The attention to our needs was excellent, despite the fact that we were based in Penang.

SH Teh & Family - (Visa Subclass 189 Granted: 19th January 2015)

We started trying to do our application by ourselves and found it challenging and frustrating. We engaged Kitson to guide us. Yes, there were still challenges but it was good to have someone who knows the system to help us find our way through them and to take so much of the stress away. The team at Kitson are attentive and helpful. We are pleased with their service and are grateful for their efforts.

RC & John - (Visa Subclass 309 Granted: 5th January 2015)

To Kitson and Team, Well done!!! You guys have been delivering an awesome service throughout the process of obtaining our Australian PR. We are totally impressed with your efficiency, professionalism and most importantly the patience and friendliness in addressing all our needs and doubts. I would like to specially thank Moon and Kathryn for the excellent and efficiency service that have been provided by both of you. Great job!

Ben & Hester - (Visa subclass 189 Granted: 10th July 2015)