Thanks again for what you (Michael & team) have done as our Migration Agent. We were not expecting our permanent residency for almost 6 months but it’s because of your excellent efforts that we were granted the visa in prompt reply. With a lot of joy we received the pleasant news from you 3 weeks ago that we finally got our Aussie permanent residency. We really appreciate the hard work you have provided before getting our PR, and also helping us in the preparation of our PR portfolio. It is wonderful to deal with your professional staff. You (Michael & team) have done a marvellous job and we hope you will keep it up. You are best!

Mr. Stephen Loh & wife - (Visa SC175 Granted: 28th Jun 2012)

Dear Moon and Michael, I'd just like to express my utmost thanks to the both of you and your great team at Kitson in handling the successful application of my PR. Your invaluable assistance and advice have been very helpful during this process and I'm extremely glad to have chosen the right agents. I'm glad I made the decision to work with Kitson and your guidance has made the entire process seem like a breeze. Thumbs up on the great service!

Mr. Soh - (Visa SC175 Granted: 21st Jun 2012)

First of all, our immense thanks to each and everyone at Kitson for helping us fulfil our dream. Our search for a reliable and efficient migration agent who would aid us in our Australian migration process landed us at Kitson. Our first interaction with Mr. Michael and Miss Moon provided us the confidence to go ahead and also laid to rest whatever apprehensions we had regarding the migration process.

Asha & Anselm - (Visa SC176 Granted: 20th Jun 2012)

Hello! My husband and I would like to thank Kitson team from the bottom of our hearts for helping us through the exciting and sometimes very tedious migration process! We were indeed thrilled when our visas were finally granted. To Michael, thank you so much for taking time off to meet with us, even after working hours to walk it through with us, answering all our questions and advising us. To Moon and team, you guys did a great job in assisting the whole process and thanks a lot for your step-by-step guidance. If not for Kitson Migration Advisory, we don't think we could have become Australian PR's! We are excited to start afresh in Australia, towards a brighter future! We have and will continue to recommend your services to our friends and family, because to us, you were God sent! ;) Cheers and keep in touch!

Ms. Ashley & Husband - (Visa SC176 Granted: 19th Jun 2012)

My husband and I would like to take this opportunity to thank Kitson team especially Michael and Moon for the successful application of our PR. They are professional and have provided us the rightful information during the application process which resulted in such a smooth and successful application. Their expertise and efficiency is commendable and I have no doubt they have a great and competent team. We would not be possible in getting such a fast approval without their guidance. Thank you again for your excellent work!

Ms. Ae & Husband - (Visa SC175 Granted: 12th Jun 2012)

Dear Michael & Kitson Migration Team, It is my dream to have a new life and settle down with my love one in Australia since I was small. I’ve tried various ways to apply upon my graduation from University but in vain. The journey of migration to Australia will never be easy without the advice and assistance from Michael and his team. I was meeting Michael in person and being briefed clearly the process and procedures involve in the application. He was professional and gave me confidence that I could get my visa granted after the initial assessment based on my education background and working experience and therefore, my journey of migration begun after that. Besides Michael, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ms. Moon as she had provided a lot of useful information and we had been working together to accommodate all the requirements from the local authorities. I personally believe that there were lot of paper works that need to be done for this application. Your hard work is very much appreciated. Again, BIG thank you to Kitson for everything! The services provided were truly exceptional. We are very lucky to have Kitson to help us for our PR application. We are very pleased with their professionalism and work ethics and would definitely recommend them to anyone who decides to migrate. Regards,

William and Pei She - (Visa SC176 Granted: 7th May 2012)

From Leena, me, my Mum and the kids, I’d like to say Thanks So Very Much, from the deepest recesses of our hearts, for working on our case and being so Professional, Courteous, Caring and Expeditious. You’ve made our dream come true, although in the beginning, it didn’t seem likely that it could. Only with Michael’s knowledge and insight, you guys were able to get us through. Leena and I strongly believe that God led us to meet with Michael that fateful evening last year in the lobby of Evergreen Hotel. Your patience in answering our questions, leading us literally by the hand through every process and explaining what was required was exactly the kind of service we were looking for. Your Professionalism is second to none and I would rate you 5 stars out of 5. EXCELLENT!! Thank you guys, for Everything. God Bless.

Mr. Ramesh & Family - (Visa SC475 Granted: 29th Mar 2012)

First of all, Eddie and I are very grateful to you and team for all the help and effort in assisting us in obtaining the visa. I still can recall how difficult it was when I first started. So many uncertainties such as my medical history (cancer/TB), insufficient points, couldn't proceed with AIM, failure in getting 8,8,8,8 in IELTS, difficulty to pass NAATI, all these had caused me many sleepless nights. So frustrated then. However, many thanks to you again for suggesting me to apply under the Off-List Nomination from WA. The success in obtaining the WA State Sponsorship had lightened up my hope. I saw a light in the tunnel, Michael. And now today, you and your team had successfully obtained the grant for my family. I passed my medical check-up and so did all my family members. It was so unbelievable and a big miracle. I will never forget this joy, Michael. THANK YOU very much, Michael and Team.

Mr. Eddie & Family - (Visa SC475 Granted: 14th Mar 2012)

My husband and I would like to extend our deepest gratitude and thanks to Kitson Migration and especially special thanks to Mr. Michael Yong and Ms. Moon. When we first came to them, we were in doubt and had little confidence in getting the Australian PR. However, it was Michael who gave us the confidence and assurance that it can be done. He walked us through the immigration process with care, detail and precision. Always honest in his opinions and gave us only the best of advises.

Edmund & Melissa Ding - (Visa SC176 Granted: 14th Mar 2012)

This is just a thank you note to Kitson Migration Advisory for assisting us in getting our Australian Permanent Residence grant approved recently. I’m quite impressed in how efficient the service was and the professionalism in dealing with our application. We must say that the Kitson team is indeed very knowledgeable, dedicated and efficient with their work. In no matter what circumstances we face, they are always there ready to assist and advising us what to do. We know that we have made the right decision in engaging Kitson Migration Advisory as our migration agent. Thank you Kitson!

Moses Chia & Family (Kota Kinabalu) - (Visa SC176 Granted: 22nd Feb 2012)