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Broadly speaking, every country has its own public holiday. Malaysians should know this very well when public holiday is concerned where the diverse community and culture has resulted in public holidays of different nature and purpose. So is it the same with Australia? You bet it does!

Australia is a big country with different states and diverse culture too! So let’s see the various public holidays that exist in the different states in Australia as you follow along with the list!


Victoria — 14 days
Basically, Victorians enjoy 14 public holidays. First, they celebrate Labour Day on March 9, seven months before their NSW counterparts do on October 5, and get four consecutive public holidays over the Easter weekend!


Queensland — 13 days
If you have been to Queensland, you will be greeted with the state’s agricultural show! Many regional areas of the state have an August 10 or 11 holiday locked in for the Royal Queensland Show, or Ekka, while the Brisbane area celebrates the same holiday on August 12. Outside of the Ekka, many regional areas of the state have isolated holidays for their own local agricultural shows scattered through the year.


Tasmania — 13 days
Over to Tasmania, people staying here will have no fewer than eleven regional holidays which are observed throughout the year, including for agricultural shows in Burnie, Devonport and King Island; the Royal Hobart Regatta; and the Launceston Cup.


Australian Capital Territory — 13 days
The nation’s capital has only two special days of its own. Besides New Year’s Day, Christmas and the like, the ACT only takes Canberra Day (March 9) and Family and Community Day (September 28) for itself.

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Western Australia — 12 days
Strange as it is, Western Australians do not enjoy holidays in sync with the rest of the country. WA doesn’t celebrate the Queen’s Birthday on the same day as the rest of the country and celebrates Labour Day alone, on March 2. Yeah, honestly, there’s no explanation for that!


New South Wales — 12 days
NSW gets 12 public holidays which includes Easter Saturday, Easter Sunday, Queen’s Birthday, Labour Day, Boxing Day. However, there are no NSW-specific holidays, the closest being the Easter Sunday holiday the state shares with only Victoria. The only exception is the four-day Easter long weekend.


Northern Territory — 12 days
The Territorians celebrate a number of regional show dates including May Day, or Labour Day, alone on May 4, and a number of Show Day holidays through June and July. One holiday stands out from NT though, they celebrate Picnic Day, their own special holiday on August 3. However, those in NT don’t get a holiday for their own Territory Day but they are allowed to legally buy fireworks!


South Australia — 11 full days
The South Aussies take a day off on March 9 for Adelaide Cup Day, and another one for the Queen’s Birthday (which they call Volunteer’s Day) on June 8. There’s a hiatus between the holidays after that, with only Labour Day coming between June and Christmas Eve. It celebrates Christmas Eve, Christmas, then its own Proclamation Day on December 28.


There you have it all the public holidays that are celebrated in Australia’s different states. Get ready to mingle with the locals and share the happiness of holidays with them!