Things to know before you migrate: Know The People and Culture of Australia!

Australia has always been the ideal place for anyone to live in. There are always the pristine beaches, lush parks, exotic wildlife and of course the beautiful people displayed in every facet possible that shows how diverse Australia is. Care to move to Australia to enjoy a new taste of life? Well, it would be better if you could get a glimpse of how the culture is and understand how people treat each other in Australia!


Know the Religion

One thing unique about Australia is the freedom to practice any religion of preference. Yes, there is no official state religion although Australia is a predominantly Christian country, where  64% of all Australians identify themselves as Christian. Moreover, all but three of the 22 major religions of the world are practiced in Australia! How impressive is its cultural diversity! So if you were of religion other than Christian, rest assured that most universities and communities in Australia have facilities and places of worship for all types of faith. How convenient!


Understand the Language

Just like religion, Australia has no official language, but as sure as it sounds,  the majority of the population speaks English as the first language. However, Australian people speak in a way peculiar to their unique way which is different from accent spoken in the US and Britain. Due to a large influx of foreigners into the country, with people coming from almost 200 countries around the world, there is various other language being spoken freely in Australia. Languages like Mandarin, Italian, Arabic, Cantonese, and Greek are some of the most commonly practiced languages. If you are a kind of person who likes to learn new languages, this will be the ideal country for you to live in!

Explore the Aborigines

Who are the Aborigines? Indigenous Australians, or Aborigines, are the original inhabitants of Australia. The history dates back to 70,000 years ago where they migrated from Africa to Asia before settling in Australia 40,000 to 50,000 years ago. The population of the Aborigines has been dwindling since the British arrived and began to settle in Australia, bringing with them diseases such as measles, smallpox, and tuberculosis, that impacts the population in a negative way. Fast forward to today, Indigenous communities and societies in Australia also demonstrate diversity where each ethnic has its own customs, cultures, and languages! So consider yourself the lucky one if you could make friends with the Aborigines!


Appreciate the Art

One of the greatest things about Australia is its appreciation of art which dates back to prehistoric times. It includes Aboriginal, Colonial, Landscape, Atelier, early twentieth century painters, printmakers, photographers, sculptors, and contemporary art. Some examples of Aboriginal rock artwork can be found throughout the continent. Hitherto, Australia has seen the rising of many notable artists of both Western and Indigenous Australian schools throughout the course of its long and impressive history. This has led to the set up of a long and impressive list of museums and art galleries which are both supported by the national, state, and local government! If you are interested in fine arts, you will have art subjects aplenty to study and immerse yourself in!  


Now that you are getting more familiar with the culture in Australia, stay tuned for more information regarding Australia that could facilitate your journey towards the Aussies!