Top 5 immigration facts in Australia


Everyone migrates for different reasons. Most seek greener pastures that the country can offer, while others aim to challenge themselves on a global market. No matter the reason, one must always do research about the country they’re migrating to before actually moving there. “One’s goal will quickly be considered unrealistic if he is not adequately prepared to meet them.” – Jessica Minty. To save you the trouble of hours of extensive research, here are top 5 immigration facts in Australia.

1. Average age of immigrants in Australia:

  • 18 – 34 years old : 24%
  • 35 – 54 years old : 47%
  • 55 years old and above : 29%

Knowing the average age of immigrants in Australia can help you gauge your competitors and allow you to plan ahead of time, giving you the much-needed edge in a ever-competitive job market.


2. The average per annum Gross Personal Income of immigrants is 102,318US$.
Before migrating, it is important to know how much your peers are earning in order to gauge whether your income is up to par with others or you are being underpaid for your services.


3. The top 3 sectors that employ immigrants are:

  • Financial Services – 11%
  • Telecom, IT and Internet – 11%
  • Health – 10%

Scoping out the job market before hand is a definite must before migrating. This is to ensure the highest possible chance for you to secure your ticket to migration and eventually permanent residency.


4. Employment status of Immigrants in Australia:

  • Students – 3%
  • Employed – 73%
  • Retired – 14%
  • Others – 10%

Finding out the employment status of immigrants in a country gives you insight on what the immigrant employment trends are like there. This insight reduces the likeliness of encountering disappointment when seeking employment.


5. Top 3 reasons for immigrants to move to Australia are:

  • Improve Quality of life – 51%
  • Seeking new challenges – 38%
  • Better climates – 33%

Knowing what others are seeking tells you whether your expectations can be met by migrating to that country. Migrating to a different country is a major challenge. You do not want to go through the hassle of going through immigration only to be disappointed that your expectations won’t be met afterward.

“Preparation, I have often said, is rightly two-thirds of any venture” – Amelia Earhart. Immigration is a life-changing experience which requires courage, careful planning, and tremendous effort. But once you get past that, you are a few steps closer in achieving your life goals.

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