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So, the time has come again for us to rethink our future “blueprint” in Australia. The hottest debate on immigration issue right now will be the latest policy concerning the number of immigrants to be allowed into the country annually. The initial planning of the Scott Morrison reign is to allow at least 190,000 immigrants to stay permanently in the country, but the proposed change seems to be far-fetched at the moment.


If you are unaware of how the immigration numbers fare since last year, you would be surprised to know that the numbers have fallen short of the 163,000 marks, indicating also the lowest intake since John Howard helm at the top. This must have a reason for that decline right, you say? Well, you are nearly there. Under the responsibility of Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton, he has attributed the decline due to refined security checks and safety issue. And Immigration Minister David Coleman has ringed the same bells, making public his opinion on the agreement to maintain the levels of immigration at the current state.


Prior to the commencement of this latest policy on fixing the immigration number at around 160,000 marks, the government has been setting a substantial mark of 190,000 immigrants since the year 2011 and the number has been consistent from then on. But uproars and complaints during recent years have brought the issue to light in a more critical perspective which drove the number down to around 183,000 during 2016-2017. Who’s the scapegoat visas that felt the brunt of this scenario? Skilled and family stream visas of course. To put the matter into perspective, the skilled stream visas was cut a good 12,000 while family stream visas saw a dwindle of 15 percent. This is not a good reflection for individuals who wish to secure a permanent residency through skill migration. The result only shows how tight the security has become for individuals to squeeze through their test and appraisal process before landing the coveted “permanent residency” title.


It may not be hard to fathom the reason behind the increased security though. The world has technically become smaller and people are connected even more closely and easily than before. This means a surge in the number of applications that follow which when reaching a stipulated threshold, would require a more thorough filtering process that could weed out the underqualified from the decent workforce. The policy could not satisfy every individual’s expectation and needs, applicants need to be sure of being one of the best in their trade so that they would have a tough proof of their capabilities in passing all the requirements before getting their hands on the visas. Besides that, many people see Australia as a safe country that has a minimal crime rate. A sudden influx of immigrants would not only bring about the talent the country needed, but also may cause some security problem to the country.


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