About Us -

About Us

Mission Statement

Our missions are to take a genuine interest in our clients, understand our clients’ unique needs and meet or exceed their expectations. We strive to build a long-term relationship with each client as an individual, service our clients professionally and provide a higher quality of service to our clients. We dedicate ourselves to these values which also makes-up our company name in Chinese:


杰出 (Outstanding) & 信赖 (Trust)

OUTSTANDING - We endeavor to become one of the most sought-after migration agencies in the region.
TRUST - We focus and develop a collaborative approach to long-term customer relationships and be transparent in all of one’s dealings.

Who Are We?

He is an Australian graduate from RMIT University, Melbourne with a Master’s degree in Business Admin and a Graduate Certificate in Migration Law and Practice from Griffith University, Brisbane. Concurrently he is also a successful business entrepreneur with more than 30 years of experience. Dato' Yong Chee Seng (DIMP) was conferred the Darjah Indera Mahkota Pahang (D.I.M.P)  which carries the title “DATO” by the Regent of Pahang, Malaysia on 18th August 2018.

She has been in this industry since 2008 and then joined Kitson Migration Advisory, and now a partner and Registered Migration Agent. She graduated from University of Malaya (UM) with Bachelor of Science (Bioinformatics) and completed a Graduate Certificate in Migration Law and Practice at the Australian National University (ANU), Canberra.


Being a Registered Migration Agent, they are fully committed to ensuring compliance with the Code of Conduct as issued by the MARA. This Code of Conduct is intended to regulate the conduct of registered migration agents by introducing a proper standard for the conduct of business as a registered migration agent and establishing the minimum attributes and abilities that a person must demonstrate to perform as a registered migration agent. They are bound by the ethical and legal requirements in relation to the professional conduct.

Kitson Migration Advisory is also working closely together with Newland Chase with offices in Brisbane. Our team is made up of Lawyers, Registered Migration Agents and Business Consultants with over 17 years of experience, who can help explain your migration options, visa application and recommend the best path to suit your personal circumstances. We have in total 6 Registered Migration Agents as well as 14 Client Liaison Officers and assisting over 14,000 clients around the world in migration to Australia. In Malaysia, we have two permanent migration agents and a team of highly dedicated employees supporting the local clients.

From an operational perspective, clients under the agreement between Kitson Migration Advisory and Newland Chase will be processed as follows:

a) Kitson Migration Advisory will be responsible for assessing your eligibility for a visa and following sign-up will collect the necessary information and documentation from you (in Malaysia) and process your Skills Assessment and State Sponsorship applications.

b) Newland Chase will be responsible for your Visa Application. Therefore, all enquiries that are related to this area will be dealt with directly by an Newland Chase agent and their supporting staff in Australia.

What We Do?

The migration process can be long and complicated if you are unsure of your options and we are here to provide professional advice. As a professional agent, we will not leave you in doubt. We will make everything clear right from the beginning.

As soon as we have evaluated your eligibility for the best visa options, we will advice you on the migration pathway and formulate the best option towards your migration goal. This can involve: -
• Providing strategic advice on skill assessments and visa requirements
• Assisting in completing the application forms
• Providing guidance on preparing supporting documentation to the Department and relevant authorities
• Reviewing and presenting the applications in the most favorable manner.
• Monitoring & notifying the progress of the applications and the outcomes.
• Representing the clients in dealing with the Department and relevant authorities
• Providing clients with general support and advice on settlement in Australia

We cannot guarantee a successful outcome. However, we can assure that we will act in your best interest throughout the application and maximize your chances of success at every stage of the process. Most importantly, we understand our clients’ reliance on our professional advice and we strive to achieve the most favorable outcome for our clients. Confidentiality is a rule we uphold.

Your next step towards a new horizon… Take advantage of our Free Initial Assessment service to start your journey now!
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