Frequently Asked Questions

1. I want to migrate to Australia, what should I do?

Let the professional agent assist you in the complicated migration process. Call us now to enquire further or complete the FREE online assessment form!

2. How much do you charge for consultation fees?

Our professional fees vary according to visa type and the level of complexity associated with each case. However, in all cases our fees are reasonable and a detailed breakdown of our fees will be listed when you come to see us. There will be no charge on our initial assessment/first consultation.

3. How long does it take for my visa application?

Different types of visa application will have a different time frame. Generally, a Permanent Residence Visa application will take 10-12 months.

4. Does my visa application include my family?

Yes. Your application can include your spouse and dependents for most type of visa subclasses.

5. I am above 45 years of age, do I still have the chance to migrate to Australia?

You will not be eligible for a General Skilled Migration program, but you may be eligible for a business skills visa options. Contact us for more details.

6. Is there a guarantee of success?

We will act in your best interest throughout the application and maximize your chances of success at every stage of the process.