Business Migration Visa to Australia by Dato Sri Khoo

“Thank you for spending all your valuable time with us. We are glad that our visa is granted. Your patient and helpful is high appreciated as well as nicole. Your service was great and excellent, we will recommend your company to our friend and relative if they need help with applying migration.
Thank you!”

Chieng's familyVisa 132 Granted: 26th November 2021

“Today Michael conveyed the excellent news about the visa grant for my family, finally.. 😊 I just want to say Thank You So Very Much for your great and reassuring support, patience and understanding of the past few years. Even when it seemed options, time and hope were running out, your helpful guidance and encouragement throughout really made a difference, and were key in retaining my trust in Kitson. Truly appreciated indeed.”

AdzlanVisa 188E Granted: March 2021

“I didn't expect the application to be approved in such a short time. What a pleasant surprise indeed! I really appreciate your assistance and patience throughout the application process, you have been very helpful.”

JurgenVisa 100 Granted: 22nd November 2019

“We have engaged Kitson Migration's services once in 2016 and second time was in 2020. The reason we engaged them again the second time is because our experience with them the first time was just perfect.

Their service on both occasions were more than exceptional. Great Advice, Genuinity and Professionalism. Above all, their patience in answering many many questions by people like me. Definely the best team to talk to and engage about migration. Our special thanks and heartfelt appreciation to Nicole, Moon, Agnes and Quen. Their care, concern and after sale service for their clients is fantastic. Their pricing is reasonable with top class service. If you are thinking of migrating, speak to Kitson- with the many years of experience they have, they definately know what they are doing.”

MonicaVisa 887 Granted: Jan 2021

“感谢贵公司的大力推动和帮助这个澳洲移民申请方法。申请澳洲居留许可证一直是我们一直以来的愿望而你让我们实现也成功的获得了澳洲居留许可证。申请过程非常顺利,虽然我大女儿险些被澳洲政府拒绝,但是凭着Dato Michael的经验他也帮我们一家人都成功获得了许可证。再一次感谢你们的帮助,当然我们也不会忘记把你推荐给身边的朋友和亲人。 Thank you so much for Kitson's efforts in our Australian migration application. It is always our dream in obtaining Australian PR and Kitson had successfully help to make our dream comes true! The application process went extremely smooth although it was a little bumpy due to my eldest daughter’s circumstances, but with Dato Michael’s experience, he managed to overcome all the issues and we finally got our visa approved! Once again big thank you to Kitson team and we will definitely recommend Kitson to our friends and relatives.”

Cornie YiiVisa 132 Granted: 25th February 2019

“The thought of migration had been playing in our minds for a long time now. Slowly our dreams to move to Australia was getting dim. Eighteen years has passed and maybe its just too late. Everyday was just getting more and more stressful as we ran the rat race. More than 12 hours at work. We are out of the house before sunrise and back only after sun sets. The saddest moments are when the kids fall asleep before we get back after work. Ohh…..the kids education also worried us. If only we can give them an environment with a fair education system. What choice do we have? That's life. One day we came across an advertisement from Kitson Migration. We called them for some free consultation. The day we spoke to Nicole of Kitson Migration, changed our life. We are thankful to Nicole, Kathryn and Moon of Kitson. Not only did they provide us with some good advice, they were honest with their advice. We would like to thank these 3 beautiful ladies for their time in clearing our doubts, patience in attending to our numerous calls, keeping up with our anxiety and most of all for their friendship. It now marks our 4th month anniversary in Hobart, Tasmania. Our kids love school and have adjusted very well and not to mention doing great academically. We have both managed to get jobs with perfect work life balance. It all started off as just a phone call to Kitson Migration. That's all it took. Thank you Kitson for giving us an opportunity to live our dream.”

MonicaVisa 489 Granted: 8th February 2018

“I was glad to know about Kitson and even happier to engage them to be my migration agent. They flank and professional advises from the initial stages through to the Visa Granted make my application so much easier. Huge thanks to Timothy and Sharon for always keeping me informed of my application status and Dato' Michael for accompanying me to the investment showcase in Australia. I would recommend Kitson Migration Advisory to anyone who has the slightest intention of migrating to Australia/NZ to talk to them and I'll assure you will not be disappointed. Thank you Kitson. Cheers! Lau and Family.”

Mr LauVisa 132 Granted: 15th April 2019

“Dear all, A huge thank you to all of you at Kitson Migration Advisory, we couldn't have done it without your help. I was guided well at every stage which took the stress away from my side. A SPECIAL thanks to Ms. Sharon for all that you done for us. i was always kept informed of the status , very quick response to any queries that we had. It was a pleasure to deal with her, friendly and supportive as always. We would recommend Kitson Migration Advisory to anyone who need it. The services is definitely a GREAT choices. THANKS! Dato' Stanley & Family”

Dato' StanleyVisa 132 Granted: 18th March 2019

“在当我们一家人有了移民的念头时,我们便明白到“伙伴”将是我们申请过程中扮演着重要的角色!“伙伴”会以他们有的专业知识领导我们,带领我们去打这场“仗” 。没错!我们选择了KITSON MIGRATION和我们一起并肩作战 。 一路走来不易,有他们在傍协助,给予专业的意见,带领我们一一解决难题。当我收到通知告知我们已成功获得批准的那一刻,我更肯定地认同了“伙伴”重要性!有能力,有责任的他们把我们一家人的梦想实现了。再一次,我们一家人衷心地感谢KITSON的团队,特别感谢Sharon,Ashley 以及 Timothy。他们的付出,领导令我们对遥不可及的移民梦想给实现了。感激万分 !”

Mr. ChongVisa 188A Granted: 06th April 2018

“First, We would like to Thanks Kitson’s Teams for helping us in each step throughout the process and granted our Australia PR. Kitson’s Teams had made me, my wife & my lovely triplet children dreams come true. Without Kitson, my family & l will not be able to fulfil our dreams. My family & l extend deepest gratitude to Kitson’s professional, knowledgeable teams for a job well done. We will not hesitate recommending Kitson to our friends. Our Big Thank You To Kitson’s Teams.”

Mr Hii and familyVisa 132 Granted: 29th March 2018

“In May 2017, we met Timothy of Kitson Migration and discussed about the possibility of applying for the Australian Investment Visa. We were briefed and was given a fair amount of knowledge of what the Investment Visa involved and obtained a good perspective of the requirements. Following our decision to put in our application, Sharon handled all our documentation work and we communicated with her throughout the 8-month process (from application submission to visa grant). Sharon had demonstrated competence in completing tasks and answered all our queries and concerns efficiently. We are happy to have chosen Kitson Migration to help us with our Visa application!”

Ms LimVisa 188B Granted: 02nd February 2018

“Dear All, Great news indeed! I would like to thank everyone who has helped to make it a success, especially Jimmy. Michael, you have a great team. I would definitely recommend your company to others.”

Joanne TanVisa 190 Granted: 2nd November 2017

“We would like to thank Kitson team for their excellent work. Without their guidance, I doubt we would have succeeded in our endeavor. They’ve been very patient, guided us in every step and promptly responded to all the requests & queries; I truly appreciate their professionalism. I will definitely recommend their services to anybody planning to move to Australia or New Zealand. Thank you all once again, keep up the good work.”

Mr. Rao & FamilyVisa 489 Granted: 01 March 2017

“I would like you to know I appreciate the quality and timeliness of work that Kitson Migration Advisory has done for my application of permanent visa for subclass 132. It has been especially to be able to submit my documents to Australia Government on time as this has greatly improved the time frame for my visa application and appreciate your company always been handled in a professional manner. In sum, it has been a pleasure to work with you.”

Dato LeowVisa 132 Granted: 20 December 2017

“I would like to express my sincere gratitude towards Kitson Migration Advisory, namely Ms. Moon and Timothy. Both of them were professional throughout the entire process despite my constant enquiries and following up which they both had followed up dilligently. The whole application would have been very tedious if not for the help from the both of them. I conclude by wishing the both of them and this agency all the best in their future endevours.”

Mr. Loo & GirlfriendVisa subclass 189 Granted: 01st September 2016

“Me and my wife use Kitson to obtain our Australia Migration Visa, and from the time we submitted our application, we got our PR in just a period less than a year time. If you call them up, they will always perform follow up for you and guide you along the way. After 3 years, we use their service again for our son, and our son got a PR status in just 4 months time. Their service is good, and I would recommend them to my friends if they consider migrating to Australia.”

Tommy NgVisa 189 Granted: 8th November 2016

“Thank you Kitson team for your service. If you are a busy working professional then definitely seek a trustworthy migration agent like Kitson to facilitate and ease your PR journey. Special thanks to the team that were involved in my PR journey, Nicole, Mathura, Andrew and Agnes ♥️”

Yvonne ML

“What an amazing journey with Kitson! Just received my 189 visa granted today! To everyone out there, if you ever thought of looking for a reliable migration agent, Kitson service is top notch 100% trusted and reliable in making your dreams come true.

Truly remarkable and amazing!!! Thank you so so much Nicole , Agnes, Mathura and the team for being so helpful with their prompt response and so friendly services. They have been so patient with me throughout the journey as it is quite a hectic process. They guided me and provided many useful info whenever I required. 😊

From here onwards, I will only introduce all my friends and family members to Kitson. 100% trusted and super reliable. Unbelievable to receive such good news today that will change my life..Can't wait to embark on a new journey with my family. Once again thanks to kitson for making my dream come alive! Gogogo Kitson team!!!


melvin wee

“I am so grateful to Kitson for supporting me these last few years. It's been a long journey to get my PR but Nicole and Agnes have been there every step of the way and always responsive to my many questions. I could not have done this without their support and am very lucky to have them as my agents. Thank you for everything you have done for me. Praise God.”

Caroline Azariah

“Kitson provided excellent service from beginning of my application until my visa granted. Especially Nicole and Sharon they not only provided useful information they also caring and touching. I will not hesitate to recommand kitson to my friends and relative if they need an migration agent”

Yien Hii

“Jimmy and Sharon was so responsive and helpful in advising and guiding me through out my migration application, they were very patience and thoughtful through out the process and handles my case in a very professional manner. Whenever I needed advice I would text Sharon or call her and she never hesitate to advice and help me, trully a good friend indeed. In just a couple of months, my visa was granted, it was a dream come true. To anyone who has interest to apply for migration visa, I would highly recommend Kirson Migration Advisory, you wouldn't be disappointed with their first class service. I have recommended a few friends and relatives to apply for the migration through Kitson, which they did. I would like to wish them all the best and hope to meet them here in Australia.”

Belle Hiew

“Nicole responded promptly to my calls, emails and her communication with her team Agnes explaining matters was both professional and eloquent. I would highly recommend Kitson Migration without any hesitation and for everyone who is out there trying to do this on their own, I'd say stop and make the appointment for a consultation, you won't regret it. I can't thank you enough Nicole for always being there, supportive as a friend to me too. I knew I had to be patient and that isn't easy when waiting for a visa, but I followed her advices to the letter and being off-shore my visa was approved in only a few months.”


“Excellent service and advice from Kitson Migration Advisory Group (Michael Yong, Moon, Nicole & Agnes) for us to get our parent visa successfully. Really exceed expectation, excellent! Thank you so much. KSO & SBY”

Ashley D. Maddy

“Very happy of the outcome from Australia Immi for my visa that received. This is a very long path especially in waiting. Kitson Migration staff was not only professional and they have provided the care to every customers' case. Wonderful services by them. special thx to Nicole and Agnes. Thank you for light up my family future.”

Kheng Chuen Chan

“Kitson is a trusted and reliable Migration agent. They are responsive, professional and always attend to our needs. Me and my husband had a good experience with them. We highly recommend Kitson Migration to those who wish to migrate to Australia. Many thanks to Michael, Nicole and Quen for their professional support and follow up to make sure our application goes smoothly.”

Hooi Wen Chen