First of all, my family and I would like to thank Kitson Migration Advisory for helping us to get our Australia Visa. Being a licensed Australia Migration Agent, KITSON team is really performing their professional work in handling my case. During the process, the GSM policy changes did affect our application but we are fortunate that we engaged KITSON as our agent and with their expertise and experience, we manage to get through the process without any problem up to the day when we received our good news.

Sandy Lee & Soo K W - (Visa Granted: 1st June 2011)

We would like to convey our sincere thanks to Kitson Migration Advisory, especially to our Registered Migration Agent, Michael Yong and your assistant, Moon, for a job well done. The work you did and the services you rendered went far beyond our expectations. We appreciate your meticulous attention to detail and as a result of your efforts, our visa application for skilled migration to Australia had been so efficient, smooth and successful. We could not have done it without your help. We would like to specially comment Moon for being very helpful, friendly and at the same time efficient during the preparation of documentation. We are completely satisfied with your work and will not hesitate to recommend your services to our friends.

Felina Lee & family - (Visa Granted: 30th May 2011)

We came to Kitson a few months before our Australia PR expire. After our first meeting, we know we had gone to the right place as the consultant thoroughly guided us with all the tactics and issues to present on our case for the Resident Return Visa. In addition, consultant informed us of what precisely needed to be changed and kept a close eye on us throughout the whole renewal process. Their constant guidance made us feel that extremely competent consultant were helping us. Our case ended on a high note with the Resident Return Visa being granted. If it were not because of their assistance throughout the renewal process, the outcome would have been quite different. Our big “thank you” to Kitson”.

Mr. Poon & Family - (RRV Granted: 8th October 2010)

“I was in search for an experienced migration agent but was especially captivated by the professionalism and responsiveness of Kitson Migration Advisory (KITSON). Being a licensed Australian Migration Agent with the support by a team of professional migration lawyers from the Australian Migration and Visa Lawyers (AMVL) had given me added confidence. I was grateful with their sincere advice and guidance in every stages of the visa application from identifying the visa options to the skills assessment, the state sponsorship and the final visa application with the Department of Immigration and Citizenship. Their team was meticulous in every detail of the visa application providing me with a flawless and satisfying experience. As a result, me and my family were granted the Skilled Sponsored Visa (Subclass 176) in just 6 months, which otherwise would have taken around 12 – 24 months. Here, I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to both KITSON and AMVL for your relentless effort and a job well done!” I guess we can't change the world to be a better place to suit us, but we definitely can choose our future to be in a better place. Kitson had made a lot of people’s dream come true. Michael's passion and sincerity had helped us to fully understand and to be well prepared for the application process. The best part of Michael was, he was knowledgeable, well informed, and very professional in dealing with our case. He gave us no surprise. Well almost, there was actually one surprise to us, which was we got our case processed and approved within 3 months from our application submitted. That's indeed a very beautiful surprise. Moon, of course we miss Moon. She is a very dedicated and hardworking young lady. She is always so cheerful and wears a beuatiful smile on her face. She is efficient too. As a matter of fact, we tried to file our application before we engaged Michael, it took us 2 years without getting anywhere, not even getting the documents complete. However, Moon barely needed 2 months to get most of our docs ready to submit. I still remember, she made all the effort to drop by our house in one of the rainy afternoon just to collect our documents, so that she can help us to submit on the early Monday morning. We really appreciate Moon's effort and dedication. I strongly recommending Kitson to all my friends and family that have the intention of migrating. In short, I guess our fore father made the right choice to migrate, and I bet we are making the right choice for our children. We sincerely thank you Kitson, Michael, Moon and the team.

Mr. Chong HY & Family - (Visa Granted: 20th Sep 2010)
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